Why is a Dental Check-Up So Important?

15 Feb 2022

Why is a Dental Check-Up So Important?

Regularly seeing the dentist may not be high on your list of priorities, but there are several important reasons for booking that visit, and you gain peace of mind from knowing your smile is cared for properly.

When you see us regularly, we can thoroughly check the condition of your teeth, so if there are any issues, we can detect them at a stage when they are easier and quicker to treat and where procedures required are likely less invasive.

We screen your gums carefully, taking detailed measurements from one visit to the next so we can determine if you have any gum disease, called periodontal disease. It’s vital to catch gum disease early before it can cause irreversible damage to your gums and jawbone. Early gum disease called gingivitis is easy to treat and is entirely reversible.

Did you know dentists can provide oral cancer screenings? This quick and non-invasive examination can save lives. Oral cancer is much easier to successfully treat when detected early.

You need healthy jaw joints, called temporomandibular joints, to move your lower jaw comfortably. We can check your jaw joints for any signs of tenderness or inflammation and, if necessary, can provide treatment to help resolve any issues.

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