Why Dentistry Can Be the Perfect Career for Women

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These days, when you need a dental appointment, you’re far more likely to see a woman dentist,and that is certainly the case here at Thompson Road Dental! Far greater numbers of women are choosing to become dentists and especially those aged under 35. It is a huge achievement that we think is worth celebrating and especially as it is International Women’s Day on the 8th March.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised that there are more female dentists because it is a career ideally suited to people with a caring nature. Sometimes it may be easier for nervous patients to open up about their fears to a female dentist and lots of women entered this profession precisely because they feel they can make a difference to people who feel anxious or who have dental phobias.

Although dentistry involves a great deal of science, it’s helpful to be artistic too. Creating smile makeovers blends these two attributes nicely, and male and female dentists would probably say that nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone smile with confidence and health. It’s true working in the dental profession is challenging, but there are plenty of women dentists who successfully combine their rewarding career with a family as it is possible to achieve a good work-life balance in the world of dentistry.

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