What Will World Oral Health Day This March Mean for You?

1 - What Will World Oral Health Day This March Mean for You?
Did you know that we will be celebrating World Oral Health Day on March 20? Excellent oral health is essential to everyone because you need a healthy mouth to help you eat a variety of nutritious foods comfortably, and good oral health gives you the confidence to smile and speak with others. Most of us take good oral health are granted until something begins to go wrong, but here at Thompson Road Dental, we much prefer to prevent dental problems and want to use this month to inspire our patients to care for their mouth correctly. This month, we urge everyone to pledge to care for their oral health.

During March, if you haven’t visited the dentist recently, we suggest you make an appointment for a checkup and clean. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable dental team can work with you, helping you achieve the best level of oral health. Even if you haven’t seen a dentist for years, it’s never too late to start caring for your mouth, and it can make a world of difference not only to your oral health but to your general health also. When you have a clean and healthy mouth that is free from disease, it protects your overall health, helping you to enjoy life to the full.

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