What to Do If You Chip A Tooth

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A chipped tooth can cause problems and especially if it is highly visible or is causing sensitivity. When you damage a tooth, it is essential to see a dentist and to have it professionally treated even if the damage seems minor because otherwise, it could cause issues later on. Usually, your tooth is protected by a tough outer layer of enamel, but any damage allows mouth bacteria to get into the softer, inner part of the tooth where they can cause infection and decay.

How Are Chipped Teeth Mended?

Often, mending a chipped tooth is very quick and easy and will eliminate any problems with tooth sensitivity. Small chips and cracks are mended with toothcoloured composite resin that is bonded directly to the tooth surface and which is shaped and polished, so it looks just like your real tooth. If the damage is more substantial, you might need a dental crown that covers up the tooth entirely, protecting it and restoring its appearance and function.

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