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Malocclusion is what is known as an incorrect positioning of teeth when the mouth is closed. Consider for a moment your bite and that of your children. When your jaws are closed are the teeth straight, and does the bite feel comfortable?

Simple bite problems such as cross bites and tipped teeth are correctable. Better still, the treatments available do not always mean fixed or metal braces for adults or children.

Removable orthodontic treatments are available. Treatments such as orthodontic trainers (or aligners), as well as complimentary appliances can assist to correct poor oral habits, meaning that the teeth are less likely to become crooked in the future.

When seeking removable orthodontics, it is important to note that the earlier the treatment can begin the better. Children who are given orthodontic treatment at an early age, may see better results and shorter treatment times. Also, early treatment prevents the chance the child may need braces in the future.

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