Orthodontics Cranbourne

Orthodontics Cranbourne

Beautiful and functional straight teeth for you and your children from $53 p/wk.

*Total cost varies depending on dental case. Terms and Conditions apply.

Bite problems such as crowding, cross-bites, gaps between teeth and the jaw bone when they are at rest can be treated with appliances such as fixed braces, removable appliances and orthopaedic appliances. Surgical corrections in certain cases may be the preferred option.

Often such problems become apparent from 7 years of age, hence the importance of having an initial consultation at an early age. Sometimes, early treatment is useful when children still have primary teeth present to simplify and expedite orthodontic treatment when in permanent dentition. Put simply, the earlier they are seen, may help prevent more significant bite problems from developing simplifying treatment in permanent dentition and may reduce the need to extract teeth or jaw bone surgery.

Braces are the most efficient and accurate way in which to move teeth. We offer both stainless steel and ceramic (clear) braces as alternatives. Payment plans are offered, and flexibility is built in to make it more affordable for all families.

*30% deposit to be paid upon initiation of treatment with braces. Weekly payments will be $53 per/week thereafter as direct debit. Upon completion of treatment, any amount outstanding to be paid in full before the removal of braces.

Clear aligners will have a variable deposit from 10%-40% depending on the individual case. Total cost varies depending on the complexity of the case. Terms and Conditions apply.

*Total cost varies depending on the dental case. Terms and Conditions apply.

At your initial consultation, we will discuss the range of options that are available and the costs associated with it.

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