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We understand that for most of our patients, their number one dental objective is retaining their natural teeth for life. Historically, a tooth with very bad decay, an abscess or extreme wear would often need to be extracted. Once the natural tooth was removed, a patient’s only options were wearing a partial denture, or simply living with a missing tooth. Today, we can offer you a better alternative to tooth extraction. Root canal therapy is a procedure that aims to save your natural tooth, which we think you’ll agree is a far better option than simple extraction in terms of both aesthetics and function. It allows you to retain your tooth and natural smile after the tooth has become abscessed, unhealthy or unstable. If you suffer from an irreversible pulp or nerve inflammation, or have an established bacterial infection in your tooth, root canal therapy can help.

Root Canal Therapy involves the removal of the nerve tissue from the canals inside your tooth. This nerve supplies the feeling and sensation to your tooth. Once this becomes infected due to severe decay, a fracture or injury, you may experience severe pain, sensitivity or darkening of your tooth. That’s where root canal therapy can help.

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