Sometimes teeth are beyond repair and require replacement. This involves removal of all diseased teeth and replace immediately, for in some instances, few weeks later with dentures, that can either be full dentures or partial dentures.

It’s easy to take for granted the important role our teeth have in our everyday lives. Missing teeth not only have a detrimental impact on your ability to speak and eat properly, but they can also have a negative impact on your confidence and overall wellbeing.

In many cases, damaged teeth are beyond repair and require replacement. Dentures give you back confidence and comfort and allow you to speak, chew, and smile freely again. Whether you require full dentures or the replacement of only a few teeth, our friendly staff will give you a professional assessment and help you decide which option is best for you.

Implant Retained Dentures

One of the biggest let downs with traditional dentures is the fact that they sit passively on top of the dental arch with no proper anchorage. They are susceptible to sliding and rocking when eating.

This is especially true with lower dentures if they only have a narrow area of jaw bone to rest on. Compound the fact that dentures rest between two strong muscles -tongue and lips- and the movement of dentures becomes inevitable, despite adhesives.

Implant retained dentures strive to eliminate this issue. Small dental implants are inserted into the jaw under local anaesthesia in a non-surgical manner with a ball attachment that will click into a suction cup that is built into the denture.

This means less movement. Imagine being able to eat your favourite foods without having to worry about shifting dentures.

More importantly though, by inserting the implant into the jaw, bone integrity is preserved. Meaning that the bone loss that gradually occurs in the jaw is prevented. This bone loss over time often affects the stability of traditional dentures, citing the reason why many dentists prefer implant retained dentures over traditional dentures.

Removable Dentures

Missing teeth can have a dramatic impact on many aspects of life. From self-esteem to being unable to eat certain foods. At Thompson Road Dental Services, we pride ourselves in being able to bring back peoples’ smiles, and their confidence.

As such, we offer both full and partial dentures as an option for missing teeth. Alternatively,if you are missing a few teeth in the mouth, we can help determine whether single implants or fixed partial dentures are right for you. Our friendly and experienced staff can take you through the procedure of each method as well as maintenance.

If you think fixed partial dentures might benefit you, contact us today on (03) 5996 9867.