Top Tips for Good Oral Health This Christmas

xmas oral health - Top Tips for Good Oral Health This Christmas

Most of us look forward to all sorts of festive treats at this time of year, and it’s certainly a time for indulgence. However, it’s easy for oral care to take a backseat so we thought we’d share some tricks for taking care of your teeth.

  • Tooth brushing may lose its appeal at 3 AM, but it only takes two minutes to clean your teeth thoroughly. Make this chore more fun by humming your favourite Christmas tune or carol.
  • Don’t forget to floss as it’s the only way to remove trapped food and plaque between your teeth. Also, flossing teeth last thing at night helps you to wake up with fresher breath.
  • Give your mouth the gift of a new toothbrush, and especially if your toothbrush looks worn and splayed. A fancy new electric toothbrush may make a nice gift for someone special.
  • Sugary and sticky treats are even harder to refuse at this time of year, but if you want to indulge, try to enjoy your sweet treat as part of the main meal, reducing damage to your pearly whites.
  • Try savoury treats instead of sweets, as fresh nuts and cheese are great for teeth. Christmas turkey is another excellent food for teeth as it’s packed with protein.

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