Top Tips for a Healthy Halloween

2 - Top Tips for a Healthy Halloween
Halloween should be lots of fun, and it’s a day when children can let their imagination run wild. It’s also just one day a year, and most kids are going to eat sweets, but following tips can make Halloween a little healthier.

Fill up on Healthy Foods First

Before your child sinks their teeth into sweet treats, make sure they have lots of healthy and nutritious food, and you can give it a Halloween theme. For example, baked sweet potato fries will pair very well with guacamole slime! Another idea is to make tortilla orange and black roll-ups by layering roast beef with low-fat mozzarella cheese on a sun-dried tomato tortilla. Make it veggie by using refried black beans instead of beef.

Everything in Moderation

When purchasing treats, opt for fun-sized chocolate bars, sweets or muffins and provide small individual portions for each child rather than leaving them to help themselves. Another option is to make healthy treats such as popcorn flavoured with cinnamon, or fresh fruit dipped in chocolate. Roasted pumpkin seeds are packed with fibre, and you can make pumpkin pie dip with low-fat cream cheese, roasted pumpkin and spices and Greek yoghurt. There are loads of healthy Halloween themed recipes online to give you more ideas.

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