Sugar and Your Teeth

19 Aug 2021

Sugar and Your Teeth

Everyone knows sugar is bad for teeth, and it is well-known for causing cavities. This is because when you eat sugary foods, the leftover particles feed bacteria found in dental plaque. These bacteria create acid as a byproduct, which in turn weakens tooth enamel. Repeated exposure to these acids eventually wears through the tooth enamel, causing cavities in teeth.

Another risk is gum disease, as the harmful bacteria found in dental plaque thrive on a sugary diet and, in addition to producing acid, produce toxins that infect and inflame the gums. A sugary diet can weaken the immune system, so it is less able to fight infections like gum disease. Consequently, gum disease can worsen and gradually destroy the gums and other structures around teeth, so they eventually loosen. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss. It is also associated with other serious health conditions. For example, gum disease can increase the risk of developing Type II diabetes. Heart disease has been linked with gum disease, some kinds of cancers, and respiratory diseases.

If you are worried you are consuming too much sugar, please ask us for practical help and advice. If necessary, we can review your diet with you and help you make healthier low-sugar choices.

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