Sticky Sweets and Your Kid’s Braces this Halloween

1 - Sticky Sweets and Your Kid’s Braces this Halloween
It is nearly Halloween, and if your kid wears braces, they probably won’t be able to eat all the sweets collected while trick-or-treating. Even if they are planning on staying at home, they will almost certainly want to eat some treats, but which are okay to eat with braces and which should be avoided?


Soft chocolate melts easily and is usually perfectly safe for braces, but tell your kid, to watch out for nuts in chocolate and they shouldn’t try biting into a big piece of chocolate, however tempting!


Most biscuits are okay and especially if they are softer. However, harder biscuits could damage braces, just like any very hard or crunchy foods.


Apples are a healthy Halloween treat, but they are only safe with braces if they are cut into small pieces first. Some people will give out fresh apples or caramel apples which should be fine if you slice them up first. Just don’t let your child bite into an apple.

Hard or Sticky Sweets

Hard sweets are best avoided altogether in case your child accidentally bites into them. Sticky sweets should be given a very wide berth as they stick to braces and are difficult to remove.

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