Santa and the Tooth Fairy, Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene

06 Dec 2021

Santa and the Tooth Fairy, Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene

Both Santa and the Tooth Fairy are magical figures, appealing to the imagination of young children, and both can be great teaching tools when it comes to good oral hygiene. The Tooth Fairy is well-known for visiting the homes of small children who have recently lost baby teeth, leaving a small gift in the form of money or another trinket in exchange for the tooth.

Children start losing baby teeth between ages five and seven, but parents need to start teaching them good oral care well before then. One way is to incorporate the Tooth Fairy into stories and teeth brushing routines, gently reminding your child that the Tooth Fairy wants teeth that are strong, healthy and cavity-free. When you can get small children excited about the thought of the Tooth Fairy and the anticipation of a visit, it’s easier to begin forming lifelong oral habits.

When it’s time for the Tooth Fairy to leave their gift, try to make it personalised, along with a note congratulating your child on their good oral habits. Another way you can reinforce good oral hygiene is by encouraging Santa to leave tooth-friendly gifts instead of sugary treats. These might be a novelty flavoured toothpaste, or a toothbrush with your child’s favourite cartoon character, or kid-friendly mouthwash.

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