Maintaining Results After Orthodontic Treatment

15 Feb 2022

Maintaining Results After Orthodontic Treatment

When you no longer need to wear braces, it is often a cause for celebration, but treatment doesn’t end there. Afterwards, you need to make sure your newly straightened teeth stay firmly put in the correct positions, and this is achieved by using your retainers. There are different types of retainers. Some are removable, but others remain firmly fixed in place. We can discuss all possible options with you.

Why Do I Need Retainers?

Once teeth move, the bone around them needs time to remodel, and your retainers help hold your teeth in the right places as this process occurs. It doesn’t happen immediately, which is why it’s important to wear your retainers for as long as we recommend.

The first six months after finishing treatment are especially important because your teeth will still try to return to their original positions. If you have removable retainers, you will probably need to wear them full-time during this period before gradually decreasing their usage.

We will tell you when it is safe to start leaving out your retainers and for how long, but ideally, you will need to wear them periodically for life to retain your beautifully straight smile.

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