Let Them Eat Candy! Why Bingeing on Halloween May Be Healthier

3 - Let Them Eat Candy! Why Bingeing on Halloween May Be Healthier
If you are a parent, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Halloween. Most people adore seeing their little one dressed up but detest that this celebration is irrevocably linked to sweets. It can be very hard when you are trying to teach your child to eat healthily and to consume foods in moderation when once a year, they get to collect a devilishly large amount of sweets.

There are some clever tricks you can try, such as swapping treats for toys, and some parents will even buy sweets from their kids. But, if your child is intent on eating all their sweets, what should you do? You can try to restrict them, but they may retaliate or go on to develop abnormal relationships with food. One theory is that it’s better to let children eat lots of sweets on Halloween, considering it is just one day in the entire year. Plus, letting your child eat loads of chocolate may blunt their appetite for more of it the next day (we can hope!). There have even been experiments backing up this theory.

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, please make sure your little one cleans their teeth thoroughly after eating sweets. Also, remember to book regular checkups and hygiene appointments with us here at Thompson Road Dental.

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