Kids Dentistry: Making Dental Visits Fun

jan 3a - Kids Dentistry: Making Dental Visits Fun

Thompson Road Dental is a family-oriented practice, and we have an enormous amount of experience in treating young children. We aim to ensure children’s dental visits are as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

Making Oral Hygiene Enjoyable

Our dental team focus on teaching children the importance of good oral hygiene. Oral health education is provided in a way that is educational yet enjoyable, using books, stickers and other activities to keep children engaged. We will show your child how to brush and floss thoroughly, teaching them the right techniques from the very start.


We focus on preventative dentistry, and our top three procedures include regular scale and cleanings, fissure sealants to protect tooth chewing surfaces from decay, and fluoride applications to harden teeth, reducing the risk of cavities.

Monitoring Their Dental Health

Regular check-ups allow us to monitor the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaws, including potential orthodontic needs.

We genuinely care about all our young patients, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing a child with a healthy and well-maintained smile

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