How to Keep Cavity Free This Easter!

2 - How to Keep Cavity Free This Easter!
Easter is lots of fun but can be tough on teeth thanks to the considerable range of sugary treats delivered by the Easter Bunny. But the good news is that you can enjoy Easter without harming your teeth.

Sugar is bad for teeth because it feeds mouth bacteria, enabling them to produce harmful acids more easily that erode your tooth enamel, eventually causing cavities. However, not all sugary treats are created equal, and some are better for your teeth than others. Treats to avoid for healthier teeth include those that are particularly sticky or hard. Sticky sweets will linger on your teeth for longer, increasing their exposure to sugar and in turn to acid. Hard sweets can be dangerous to teeth if you bite down on them, potentially chipping or cracking your tooth enamel. Also, harder candies take longer to dissolve.

Instead, stick to more traditional Easter chocolate that melts away more quickly, and darker is better because it has a higher cocoa content and contains less sugar. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and antioxidants, both of which are helpful for oral health. Enjoy your chocolatey treats during your main meal which minimises the damage to teeth. Snacking in between meals increases the length of time your teeth are exposed to decay-causing acid.

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