How Come Children Who Brush Regularly Still Get cavities?

2 - How Come Children Who Brush Regularly Still Get cavities?

Preventative dental care is better than ever before but despite this lots of children’s will still get cavities. Often parents are surprised when their child needs a filling because they ensure their teeth are brushed regularly.

Why Is This the Case?

Teeth are protected with a layer of enamel, but the thickness of this enamel can vary. Children who are more susceptible to tooth decay have teeth that are called hypoplastic, where the enamel is thinner and more easily eroded. This problem can develop when the mother’s diet didn’t contain enough absorbable minerals during pregnancy. Often, a modern diet is deficient in fat-soluble vitamins A and D, and many women lack enough calcium. Then there is the problem of diet. Healthy foods aren’t always low in sugars, and often these sugars are hidden. For example, granola might be packed full of nutrients but is frequently high in sugars.

When we see a healthy child with tooth decay, we will assess the factors that could be causing this problem. If needed, we can analyse a child’s diet and can provide nutritional guidance. Also, we can offer treatments to help harden a child’s teeth, for example, topical fluoride applications can be beneficial.

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