How Can Drinking with a Straw Help Your Oral Health?

3 - How Can Drinking with a Straw Help Your Oral Health?
Drinking with a straw can help protect your teeth and especially when consuming beverages that are high in sugar or acid. This is because it minimises contact between the liquid and your teeth, while still allowing you to enjoy your drink. Also, using a drinking straw can be useful if you like highly coloured drinks that can otherwise stain teeth such as fruit juice, cocktails and iced tea or coffee.

There are some other advantages in using a drinking straw as it’s been shown that healthy older adults will sometimes consume more water when using a straw rather than drinking directly from a cup. Older adults are often at risk of becoming dehydrated, potentially to a dangerous degree. Drinking through a straw can be useful for people with Parkinson’s disease where muscle spasms and other unintentional movements that can make drinking from a glass tricky or impossible.

Using a drinking straw isn’t recommended after oral surgery, for example, after removing a tooth because it can dislodge the blood clot that protects an empty tooth socket. Otherwise, using a straw can be a great way to protect your pearly whites. These days, there is a nice range of reusable straws available to help protect our beautiful planet.

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