Holidays! Celebrate Summer with a Mouth Manicure

Mouth Manicure - Holidays! Celebrate Summer with a Mouth Manicure

A well-cared for or manicured mouth looks great, and even small changes can make a real difference to your oral health this summer. We’ve listed a few easy tips to try.

  1. Drink more water and especially during the warmer weather. It prevents dehydration and helps to keep your mouth moist, cleansing it and washing away excess bacteria and leftover food. Ideally, aim to drink around 2 litres each day.
  2. Instead of sweet treats, opt for fruits containing natural sugars or create your own healthier desserts and snacks with natural yoghurt, fresh fruit. An oat topped fruit crumble or baked apples or pears with cinnamon can satisfy a sweet craving and will smell festive while cooking.
  3. Try to avoid snacking between meals which can be tricky at this time of year! When you snack frequently, it increases the time your teeth are exposed to sugar and acid. If you do want a snack, choose healthier foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, plain yoghurt or raid the cheeseboard.
  4. Avoid fizzy drinks and juice as these are packed with sugar and can be very acidic. If you do fancy a fruit juice, dilute it with water and ideally drink it as part of your main meal to reduce damage to your teeth.

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