Easter Egg Hunt Logistics 101

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If you are planning an Easter egg hunt this year, we have a few ideas which will make it more entertaining for everybody.

Put on a Hopping Hunt

Fill plastic eggs with printed instructions like ‘juggle some eggs,’ or ‘tell a joke’ or ‘do a cartwheel.’

Use QR Codes for a High-Tec Hunt

Teens will enjoy an Easter egg hunt using QR codes, and they are surprisingly easy to set up using an online tutorial.

Hide a ‘Golden’ Ticket

Hide some reusable plastic eggs and fill one with a ‘golden’ ticket that can be exchanged for a grand prize.

Nature-Inspired Scavenger Hunt

Get back to nature with a scavenger hunt using only natural items inspired by our beautiful surroundings. Alternatively, give everyone a checklist to tick off. Ask them to look for flowers, eggs, bunnies or anything else that could be fun to search for.

Set Up an Easter Egg Relay

If you have quite a few kids, split them into relay teams, so one member must search for an egg, before coming back and tagging the next team member to continue the race.

IOU Eggs

Hide eggs with little IOU notes inside. For example, an extra fifteen minutes before bedtime, a special day out or time with mum and dad, or even an extra helping of their favourite food.

Jigsaw Puzzle Hunt

Use a blank jigsaw puzzle to create a message. Hide individual jigsaw puzzle pieces in eggs, and once all the pieces had been collected, kids can put them together to claim their prize.

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