Did You Realise Your Saliva Reveals A Lot About Your Health?

2 - Did You Realise Your Saliva Reveals A Lot About Your Health?
You probably don’t give saliva much thought as it is just there when you need it, but it’s a pretty remarkable fluid. For a start, saliva helps to naturally disinfect your mouth, enabling you to maintain healthy gums and helping to prevent tooth decay. It contains substances that fight disease and other infections. But, the condition of your saliva can provide valuable clues about your health.

Too Little Saliva

If your mouth is feeling a little dry, you could have a condition called xerostomia, and it is often a side-effect of medications. In this case, pay extra attention to your dental hygiene and make sure you visit us regularly for checkups and cleanings.

Clumpy, White Saliva

If you recognise this symptom, you could have oral thrush. It’s not common in healthy adults, but it can affect people with diabetes. We can prescribe an antifungal medication to help clear up this infection.

Acidic Saliva

You will not be able to tell if your saliva is too acidic, but we can quickly test its pH level. When saliva is too acidic, harmful bacteria can thrive. Also, acid erodes tooth enamel and causes cavities. Foods that contain arginine such as poultry or red meat can help to normalise your saliva.

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