Did You Know Everybody in Your Family Has Different Dental Needs?

3 580x325 - Did You Know Everybody in Your Family Has Different Dental Needs?

It’s true as your dental needs change over time. For example, when treating children, we focus on preventative care because it’s important to make sure children grow up knowing how to care for their teeth and why good dental care is so important. This preventative theme continues when they are teenagers, focusing on protecting their teeth as they grow into adulthood. During their teenage years, we can also assess them to see if orthodontics is appropriate.

When treating adult patients aged 18 to 65, we still focus on preventative dentistry but also check for issues such as gum disease, tooth sensitivity and problems like teeth grinding and sleep apnoea. Also, any restorations are carefully inspected at every appointment to make sure they are still in good condition. As adults get older, good dental care becomes even more crucial and can help avoid common problems such as tooth loss.

Here at Thompson Road Dental, we work with all age groups and will devise a treatment plan based on your specific dental needs. The treatment plan considers various factors including your age, dental health and medical health. We aim to ensure you enjoy optimal oral health for life.

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