Could Chocolate Possibly Be Good for Teeth?

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Chocolate has a reputation for causing cavities which is bad news at this time of year when the shops are packed full of enticing Easter eggs. However, recent research has shown that chocolate could have an antibacterial effect and may even fight dental plaque. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can begin tucking into the sweet stuff with aplomb as you do need to choose your chocolate carefully.

Cacao Nibs

The research was conducted on lab rats who were fed cacao nibs. These aren’t anything like melt-in-your-mouth chocolate as they consist of dried, fermented and crushed cacao bean before any sugar is added. You can purchase cacao nibs in lots of supermarkets these days, but many people may find cacao nibs hard to swallow.

Check Out Dark Chocolate Too

If you do want to choose a healthier form of chocolate, opt for dark chocolate and check the sugar content because it should only have about 6 to 8 g of sugar for each serving. It’s not as sweet as milk chocolate but it can satisfy a craving, and you could easily enjoy a few squares each day. If you want to be even more tooth-friendly, look for raw chocolate in your local health food store. This is less processed and contains more antioxidants.

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