Chargrilled Lamb Chops and Greek Salad

4 580x325 - Chargrilled Lamb Chops and Greek Salad

This fresh and tasty recipe is great when you are short on time and can be on the table in less than half an hour.


8 trimmed lamb loin chops
2tbsp olive oil
2tsp paprika
3tsp dried oregano
200g halved Perino tomatoes
1 thinly sliced red onion
1 seeded and coarsely chopped red capsicum
1tbsp red wine vinegar
1 cucumber, halved lengthwise and thinly sliced
100g reduced fat crumbled feta
75g pitted kalamata olives


1. Mix together half the oil, 2 teaspoons of the oregano, paprika and lamb in a large bowl and season.

2. Heat a chargrill on medium-high and cook the lamb for two minutes on each side until medium or done to your preference. Transfer lamb to a plate and cover with foil. Leave to rest for five minutes.

3. Mix together the cucumber, onion, tomato and capsicum in a large bowl. Drizzle salad with vinegar and remaining oil and season. Sprinkle over the remaining oregano, feta and olives, and serve with the lamb.

Serves 4

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