All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!

dec 2a - All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!

Missing any teeth is miserable, and the front teeth are particularly susceptible to damage. One of the best ways to replace any missing tooth is with a dental implant. The benefits include:

Preventing Bone Loss

Dental implants are the only treatment that will help to preserve your jawbone, preventing the bone loss that naturally occurs when teeth are removed.

Matching Your Natural Teeth

Your dental implant will blend in with your natural teeth. Single implants look just like real teeth, emerging from the gums in precisely the same way.

Restoring your Ability to Eat

Dental implants are firmly anchored in the jaw, so you can bite and chew normally.

Easy to Care For

Dental implants only need brushing and flossing, just like real teeth!

Supporting Your Natural Teeth

A dental implant supports your natural teeth, preventing adjacent and opposing teeth from changing position. Unlike other tooth replacements, your natural teeth don’t need to be reshaped or ground down in any way.

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